4-H and Military Families

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The Roosevelt County 4-H program has the privilege of serving many families from neighboring Cannon Air Force Base. Our county knows that military families face unique challenges and obstacles due to their service to our country. As such, we have designed our program and our clubs to ensure that the unique needs of military children are not only met, but exceeded.

One major benefit of the 4-H program is the wide variety of programs and projects that are offered. Military moves are a stressful time where youth often feel isolated in a new environment. Through 4-H, they can find projects to join where they can utilize their current skillsets and interests. Additionally, they also have the opportunity to branch out and explore the numerous other projects that our program has to offer.

4-H Creates Community Support for Military Youth

• The club projects, meetings and events help military youth meet other local children and integrate into the local community.

• Allows military youth to connect with other military and local youth that share the same interests that they do, but also to be inspired by others working in different project areas.

• Reduces many stresses associated with moving to a new location by providing a stable, supportive, and safe environment for military youth to learn, meet other youth, and become involved in local activities.


• Create a support network for military youth when their parents deploy

• Support and provide stability for military youth throughout the deployment of parents

• Educate the local community on the impact of deployments on the military family

4-H Embodies Air Force Core Values

Service before Self - In 4-H, we teach our members to embrace, “service before self”. Whether it is through community service, assisting younger members, or providing support to a member dealing with deployment or transitioning to a new area, our members are always looking for ways to help others and the local community.

Excellence in All We Do - Our youth members are the top priority in our program. As such, we take pride in providing them all of the opportunities available to demonstrate excellence. We offer coaching, leadership events, training, and more to help make “the best better.”